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"Affiliate Marketing Guide -

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Affiliate Marketing is the biggest thing to hit the internet since the internet was created. The idea that you can get rich overnight on the internet is simply bogus. If you want to make money online, then all you have to do is drive traffic to other sites. Very simply, companies pay you the "affiliate" a nice commission for each customer sent from your affiliate website who then purchases a product on the merchant web site.

No doubt, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent source of income. You can either make it as part time or even a full time job. But that entirely depends upon the time and effort that you dedicate to affiliate marketing. All you need to do is "Research, Research and Research". However, there is a way to save that time - Affiliate Marketing Guide. They are nothing but the expert opinions, tips, tools and internet marketing strategies.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing don't worry too much about which ebook you choose. The more important part is that you grasp the concept of what affiliate marketing is all about. Get the latest affiliate marketing tips, tools and strategies to stay up-to-date. This affiliate marketing guide provides the best affiliate tools suggested and followed by the Super Affilaites.

Super Affiliates are the experts in the field and had already laid a successful road in the business of affiliate internet marketing. Affiliate Marketing is easy and it really works! Feel free to access the different affiliate marketing training resources and make your journey to affiliate marketing on the internet a memorable one.

Affiliate Elite - Innovative Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate Elite affiliate marketing software tool

Due to the internet explosion in the recent years, there is a stiff competition in the field. Even though the newbie’s have started applying the super affiliate tips and tools, they are lacking in certain aspects resulting in burning of hands. Keeping in that mind, Affiliate Marketing mastermind has created Affiliate Elite which is a powerful software filled with innovative and cutting edge tools to master affiliate marketing at full length.

This has come at the right time when all most all the businesses are open to the idea of affiliate marketing along with their e-stores. With Affiliate Elite on your desktop, you are definitely on the road to make serious money. It is a powerhouse affiliate marketing tool that covers everything starting from discovering the hot niche and its keyword research to the profitable Adwords campaign.

The first project of Affiliate Elite gives a detailed analysis with accurate figures of profitable affiliate programs so that you don’t need any further research. The second project deals with the revelation of your competitor keyword list used for Adwords campaign. It gives you the access to the organic search engine results.

With the third project, you will get full information of your competitors Adwords campaign including their ads and landing pages. Just type the keyword, you will find the Ads of your competitors. The fourth project helps you to find how super affiliates are targeting and earning big paychecks.

Out of all the features, I personally like the reverse search of super affiliates. This is really a fantastic affiliate marketing tool that exposes all the secrets of the super affiliates. It makes your work easier. Just uncover everything about your favorite super affiliate and pick up the best affiliate program campaign including what and how to promote it.

Affiliate Elite is very simple to use. You don’t need to install any script nor do any logins. Surely, the best affiliate marketing resource available on the net. Highly Recommended! Our TOP PICK!!!

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SUPER AFFILIATE HANDBOOK - The Best Affiliate Marketing eBook

SUPER AFFILIATE HANDBOOK - Affiliate Marketing tips

The Super Affiliate Handbook is a must have for anyone that wants to make money online through Affiliate Internet Marketing. The most appealing aspect of the Super Affiliate Handbook is the easy, step by step format that provides a fool-proof guide to set up successful Affiliate Marketing campaign.

Rosalind Gardner is one of the most highly acclaimed affiliate internet marketer who has been in the business from 90's. So she has incorporated her vast real time exposure in this affiliate marketing ebook. Moreover she is so helpful that she herself replies to the wannabe internet marketers in her private forum.

I strongly believe that Super Affiliate Handbook is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to make money online. It's a complete ROADMAP for Affiliate Internet Marketing.

The highlights are as follows:

  • You get 236 information-packed pages of practical tips and real life examples.
  • Get to know the affiliate mistakes so that you won't repeat them.
  • Learn the ways to keep the visitors for a maximum time and more importantly to repeat their visit.
  • Master the ways to market your affiliate site.
  • Get to know the top performing affiliate programs/products
  • Learn why single page 'micro sites' don't work in affiliate marketing
  • Great eMail support and Free membership in personal forum
  • A risk-free money back guarantee policy
If you are really concerned about Affiliate Internet Marketing business, then "The Super Affiliate Handbook" is a must read to know all the secrets about affiliate marketing.

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Google Assassin - Rocking Affiliate Marketing Tools

Google Assassin affiliate internet marketing ebook

Chris McNeeney is believed to be the pioneer in affiliate marketing circle. Most of his works are based on Google Adwords strategies. In fact some call him DJK guy (Day Job Killer). The other notable ebooks penned by Chris are Adwords Miracle, Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer etc.

The latest to hit the market is Google Assassin. This time Chris has come up really awesome affiliate marketing tools. Google Assassin consists of many downloadable affiliate tools and a training material blueprint. The first one is Google Assassin Daddy Keyword Tool which spies on your competitors revealing their most profitable highly targeted keywords.

Google Assassin’s Adwords Micro Nicher Tool reveals you the best micro niches that cost you less than 1 cent per click on Google Adwords. You get a complete access to the unknown micro niches so that you get maximum returns on PPC. Google Assassin’s Campaign Kidnap tool is the master of all the affiliate tools available that steals the campaigns of your competitor. So you need not carry out any test trials, just use the kidnapped information for your campaign.

Indeed Google Assassin consists of a suite of Affiliate Marketing tools that help you a lot by making you achieve the maximum from minimum investment. Definitely, Google Assassin is a worthful membership program from the most successful internet marketer.

Let me put my experiences with Chris previous books in a few words:

AdWords Miracle is a top affiliate marketing ebook that I've come across for PPC techniques. As the name implies, it's all about how to set up successful Google AdWords campaigns, but the focus is on promoting affiliate programs. For more information visit Adwords Miracle's Affiliate Internet Marketing eBook.

Affiliate Project X is definitely THE BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING eBOOK packed with the latest strategies to make money online from affiliate internet marketing utilizing some amazing methods that I had never thought of before. Highly Recommended Affiliate Marketing eBook.

Day Job Killer can be called as Part II of Affiliate ProjectX. The people who buy the book will have to be prepared to make a significant investment of their time, effort, and money in order to profit from the strategies Chris describes. I advice the newbies of Affiliate Marketing to stay away from DayJobKiller

Beating Adwords - Affiliate Marketing eBook To Master Google Adwords

Beating Adwords | Affiliate Internet Marketing ebook

Beating Adwords is basically an Affiliate Internet Marketing step by step walkthrough of the PPC process. If you want to find out how to promote affiliate products quickly and be able to jump into a Google Adwords campaign with confidence, then this is the right Affiliate Marketing eBook for you.

Beating Adwords shows you which companies to sign up for and how to promote your affiliate website or link. It teaches you how to bid on keywords effectively and most profitably how to write ads that sells.

This Affiliate Marketing eBook is the most valuable book suitable for both newbies and experienced Affiliate Marketers. It will help you to start your Affiliate Internet Marketing business and start making money within very short period of time.

If you have been considering buying a PPC (Pay Per Click) guide, Beating Adwords is far and away the better choice with lots of case studies, tips, tricks and strategies.

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The Rich Jerk - Affiliate Internet Marketing eBook

The Rich Jerk | affiliate internet marketing eBook

The Rich Jerk is a great resource for people who need ideas on new ways to make money online using Affiliate Internet Marketing. It's the best selling Affiliate Marketing eBook that has complete tools to start affiliate marketing business.

In general, affiliate marketing eBooks are step by step guides, but Rich Jerk is a collection of novel ideas to make money online. You are not forced to learn all the ideas, but you are given flexibility to choose an idea and groomed for it. Indeed an idea can change your life. If you are able to put your efforts, you could really make a life of it.

After the release of The Rich Jerk, many authors made a replica of this, but even then it stands out due to its soild ideas where one could have a flexibility to choose and implement them at a faster rate.

Here is a brief synopsis of The Rich Jerk eBook:

  • Making money online with affiliate internet marketing programs
  • How to make money online with Google Adwords and Google Adsense programs
  • Untapped areas like eCurrency trading, HYIPs, and eBay & Amazon selling.
  • 10 ways to instantly create an affiliate website that sells like crazy and make money online
  • A FREE affiliate marketing website already optimized to make money online
It does have a solid information but the bad part of the author is that he brands himself as lazy, that could keep away the readers. Leaving that it consists of pretty good ideas of new ways to make money online. Grab this affiliate marketing ebook for life-changing information. And considering the low price, it's an absolute steal.

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Ewen Chia Optin Profits

Ewen Chia affiliate marketing

Ewen Chia is one of the BEST affiliate marketers on the Internet. His Optin Profits is a great program for newbies as well as intermediate affiliate marketers. It does not just get you started with your affiliate journey but it teaches you how to keep you going and stay at your affiliate status.

Actually Optin Profits is not just an ebook, but it's a step-by-step video instructional guide. Ewen Chia is sharing secret affiliate marketing tips, tactics and tricks there. His tips are worthwhile and effective.

This affiliate marketer structures the information according to your skill and knowledge level in Internet Marketing. He very clearly advises that you should try out the less expensive techniques of driving traffic to your website if you are new to Affiliate Internet Marketing.

The BIGGEST surprise is the HUGE amount of information you will get for just $47. Ewen Chia's Optin Profits is truly the best and a very affordable solution too.

Discover Ewen Chia's latest 3 step system - Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.0.

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